The Four Ways to Grow your Income in 2019

At HE Global Investments, we love to give you information on how to make your money go further and grow faster.

So, we’ve gone and put together a list of five ways you can ensure you make a good return this year and gain the best returns for your hard-earned income.

We have summarised four key investment opportunities not to be missed. Take a look below at the following easy and relatively hassle-free ways to increase your income:

1)        Invest in buy-to-let

Letting out a property has always proved a good way to earn at a steady pace. It’s possible to make a 5-10% yield on your property. Get your timing right and you could see yourself owning a huge amount of assets.

Pick up property in the right places and let them out as a full-time or part time income. Keep your eyes open for any potential properties and grab them when you feel the time is right.

2)        Property Loan Notes

Yes, buy some car parking spaces outside some major UK airports. These are low cost, low risk investments that will allow you to get a steady return of 8% in your first two years. What’s great about car parking is its flexible nature, to sell on and to leaseback. In addition, your projected return will keep on increasing every two years.

3)        Student Accommodation

If you get investing in student accommodation right, you can see yourself getting a potential return of 10-15% yield.

So instead of buying accommodation for your children and lining the pockets of a landlord, why not do what other parents or investors are doing?

Exploring the buy-to-let student accommodation market and make a good residual return from your property.

4)        Hotel Accommodation

Undeniably one of the strangest forms of investment around but also give one of the best returns available in the market.

So how does it work? Simple, you get 52 nights of stay in a hotel room and the rest of the time it is rented for an income of roughly 50% of the rented price.

With the management and maintenance done by hotel staff, this is a quick easy win.

If you want to find out more about investing in hotel accommodation, speak to one of our team at HE Global Investments by calling 0207 096 0125 or email on:


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