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The UK property sector has remained a vibrant one in recent years despite ongoing economic and political uncertainty. This is testament to the strong fundamentals of a market that continues to be characterised by such parameters as high capital growth and healthy rental demand.

Whether you are looking to invest in buy-to-let, student accommodation or hotel rooms – among other residential and commercial opportunities – here at HE Global Investments, we can be your informed and reliable partners throughout your involvement in UK property investment.

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Despite the complex picture presented by some headlines, there has scarcely been a more opportune time to take the step into property investment in the UK.

Even amid well-publicised tax and regulatory changes, ongoing trends point to an asset class that will remain highly rewarding for new and seasoned investors alike, particularly once much current uncertainty over Brexit is finally resolved.

In any case, HE Global Investments’ stellar reputation as a property investment company is founded on values and advantages that far transcend the short-term ups and downs of the market. They include our formidable 20-year track record, as well as our dedication to assisting clients in their efforts to build a portfolio sufficiently robust for today’s volatile global economy.

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Whether you are only just becoming accustomed to the ins and outs of investment property in the UK but are unsure of the wisest next steps, or you already have your own history of high-yielding property deals but would appreciate our exacting advice and guidance, we can set you in the right direction.

There are few more renowned authorities on property investment in London and elsewhere than HE Global Investments, which continually keeps itself abreast of the latest developments in the wider world that are of potential relevance to prospective or current investors.

As a result, we are well-placed to ensure you only ever make winning decisions, selecting the right property investment products at the most advantageous times.

Enquire to the HE Global Investments team today, by calling 0207 096 0125 or emailing, to learn more about the tailored and diligent services that we can lend to you when you are in the market for investment property.


This depends on the type of property investment that you are considering. While property investment can occur through funds for just a few thousand pounds, property investment franchises can set back the investor hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Although the cost of investment in commercial property is similar to buy-to-let, it is typically harder to obtain funding for commercial property below £300,000 during a downturn, compared to the situation with residential property.

Again, this varies depending on the type of property being invested in, as well as the time that one invests for. Investing in buy-to-let, for instance, may give you a gross annual return on your investment of about 4-7%, and average capital growth of about 5% over 10 years.

Buying land and building from scratch, meanwhile, could enable you to achieve a 100% return on your investment within 18 months, dependent on you benefitting from the right market conditions and expert guidance.

Property investment is not usually recommended as a means of ‘getting rich quickly’. While the first half of the 2000s did see unprecedented property price growth, this was the last time most investors could expect to make serious money within months or a year.

Some routes to a ‘quick’ profit do still exist – such as ‘flipping’ property, building property from scratch or renovating property – but achieving success with these strategies is likely to require professional help that may significantly erode any potential profits.

A key ‘pro’ of property investment is that you typically have the freedom to choose exactly what you invest in. The fact that you can ‘touch and feel’ your investment may also give you a feeling of greater control. Returns from property investment in the UK can also be strong when it is done well.

However, it is also by no means easy to get involved in investment property, which is where the services, knowhow and experience of a property investment company like our own is likely to more than prove its worth.

Unfortunately, if your investment property does not perform, you will need to ‘top it up’ with cash. Indeed, it is fair to say that those investing in property will always, to some extent, to vulnerable to macro and micro economic conditions.

It is also crucial to appreciate the sheer complexity of this asset class, with the necessary research often taking weeks and months, and the amount required to invest in just one property typically now exceeding £30,000. Again, working with a reputable property investment company like HE Global Investments can go a long way to assisting you in mitigating these risks.

Both yield and capital growth should be key considerations for you when you are looking to acquire investment property.

A strong yield is vital, given that it indicates the level of income you will be generating from the investment relative to the purchase price. However, capital growth is also highly significant, because it signifies the price at which you may be able to later sell or remortgage the property.

It may be more advisable for you to buy property using a mortgage, given how this enables you to spread your capital across multiple properties, thereby allowing you to achieve better short-term and long-term returns alike.

However, as your property investment company, we can also help you to identify investment properties that are purely cash purchases. Our experts can explore these opportunities in detail with you, so that you can always be sure of making the most informed choices.

The optimal mortgage for your investment property in the UK may not be available on the high street. However, the British mortgage market is also a continually evolving one.

It is therefore important that you are aware of the latest developments in the market, or at least advised by professionals who are knowledgeable about these and who can point you to the most advantageous products accordingly.

While ‘below market value’, or BMV, has become something of a buzzword in UK property investment circles in recent years, prospective investors should be mindful of the considerable time and effort that will usually be required to make the most of this area of the market.

It is typical to make lots of offers, for example, that will be mostly rejected. Consistent success with purchasing properties below market value also depends on a strong understanding of local property prices, as will be required to immediately identify when a property is actually being sold at a price below market value.

Yes; property investment in the UK and elsewhere is typically considered a medium to high-risk investment, as while returns can be great when prices increase, the cost of falling prices for the investor can be extremely high. Such risk is maximised by the tendency for people to borrow to acquire property.

In the event, then, of the market taking an undesirable turn, you may be at risk of bankruptcy and losing your property. This, then, is a further reason why you should only work with the most trustworthy and seasoned property investment company.

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