Magna Property Loan Notes

The Magna Group is an active player in the residential and mixed-use property markets, with a steady stream of accommodation projects that range from initiating new build schemes right through to overhauling old buildings for use as high-quality residential apartments.

As a developer in a thriving market, the Magna Group also welcomes investment in its projects, but recognises that many investors could be hesitant about participating in a property development market with which they have little familiarity. However, this is where Magna come in, with nearly 15 years worth of insight and experience to apply to every investment. Within the next two years, Magna expect to have a Gross Development Value (GDV) of £1bn – and the Magna’s loan note is an incredible opportunity to be part of this growth.

What sort of returns can I expect from a Magna Property loan note?

In providing a loan note to an investor, Magna enables the other party to pour money into property investment – on the agreement that this payee will receive a specific return on their investment. In this sense, the loan note holder becomes “the bank” providing funding to be repaid.

With minimum investments of £20,000, the returns of a Magna’s loan note Per Annum (PA) are as follows:

• During Year 1 the interest rate PA is 10%, and this is paid at the end of the year.

• During Year 2 the interest rate PA is 10%, and this is paid quarterly.
( You will receive four payments totalling 10% interest )

• During Year 3 the interest rate PA increases to 18%, and this is paid quarterly. ( You will receive four payments totalling 18% interest )

During the 36-month timeframe of the loan note, Magna will put the investor’s money towards exciting building projects, with many currently in the works. Overall, £20 million will be raised over the course of the three-year loan note.

Additional benefits of a Magna’s loan note

• An prime property investment opportunity: If you have little experience of the real estate market, a Magna’s loan note will allow you to gently enter it while guided by the expertise of a successful and well-established developer, enabling you to minimise the financial risk.

• Low entry level: The minimum entry requirement of £20,000 in investments is another factor making this opportunity attractive for cautious investors.

• Established track record: Magna has diversified its business model to add a higher number of income-producing assets to its commercial and hotel space portfolio. In total, £210 million Gross Development Value (GDV) has so far been completed and secured. Acquiring a Magna’s loan note would enable you to take a share of the returns from these opportunities.

• Various currencies are accepted: These include GBP Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

To learn more about this property loan note investment opportunity, simply contact one of the property experts here at HE Global Investments. Call 0207 096 0125 or email, and we will guide you through the possibilities of investing in a Magna’s loan note.


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