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If you are a savvy investor who wants to diversify his property portfolio, one interesting option that has emerged of recent times has been the commercial property sector.

In particular, investing in office space can be very profitable. Across the world, office space is a very ripe market at the moment.

This rise has coincided with the growth and boom of the business sector. With more and more companies looking at expanding, and with new business start-ups emerging all the time, the need for good unit for these enterprises are at a premium.

In addition, this surge in requirements for good office space is a global phenomenon with every developed country suffering from a shortage of good office space.

Supply and Demand

The demand for the commercial office market is instrinsically linked to the residential housing market which has been very buoyant of recent times.

The office space market has a number of advantages including the ability to give competitive returns with comparatively low volatility.

Furthermore it can provide a stable residual rental income stream and with the predictions commercial property as an asset class becoming stronger, investing in this avenue has become an attractive proposition.


Although buying an office space can be done via agents and brokers, barriers to entry can still be very high.

One such scheme that HE Global Investments has been promoting on its product portfolio is called Bar Works New York.

Bar Works is a workspace investment that involves purchasing a 10-year lease to rent out office workspace in prime locations. The current locations that we have been presenting is W47 39th Street, Manhattan- once of the most iconic places in the world where demand for office space is at a high premium.


– Manhattan Office space fixed-return opportunity

– Generate immediate income

– 15% guaranteed yield per annum

– Income payable monthly from point of purchase

– Buy back of lease guaranteed at +25%

– Invest from as little as $22,000

– No hassle, hands off investment

– Generate $33,000 income over 10 years from an investment of just $22K

– Full documentation and title provided

– Over 10 years investors see 175% ROI with returns paid monthly upfront.

If you are looking more information on how you can invest in this office rental scheme presented by Bar Works which delivers a fantastic 175% ROI over a decade, HE Global Investments can help you. Call us today on 01293 763045 or email for more information.

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