About Us


HE Global Investments is a dynamic and innovative company founded by a team with a long history in producing high yield returns for clients.

With a 20-year track record behind us, our friendly but professional approach has seen the team successfully invest for clients on a wide range of investment products.

Ensuring the best return for our clients is our number one aim together with having the best investment experience.

Our expertise runs across a number of traditional and innovative investment projects including fixed return car parking, property, student accommodation and other innovative structures.

Furthermore our expert knowledge and strategic approach means we help to achieve short, medium and long-term objectives for every one of our clients by presenting and introducing the best investment solutions.

HE Global Investments guarantee is to put the client needs first, uphold the best professional and ethical behavior at all times and present the best solutions possible for your investment needs.


With two decades of experience, HE Global Investments has a well-earned reputation of delivering successful investments with excellent capital growth.

The company’s success is delivered by a clear vision of creating investment products that match together client needs with high yield returns.

This strategy has helped us serve our clients for over two decades delivering exceptional investment results.


At HE Global Investments, we believe in keeping things simple. We do not believe in the hard sales talk, but instead let the strength of our relationships and easy investing process speak for itself.

Our three stage investing process acts as a guide on just how simple and easy it is to invest using the services of HE Global Investments,


Our first initial meeting will involve a full fact find with our client. This will help us to build a relationship with clients.


Once we have completed the initial assessment, our team would determine which product from our portfolio would best suit your needs.


Hassle free and hands off investment. Once we have discuss and agreed to the budget and the investment vehicle we will deal with all the paperwork for you.

Full after sales support would be provided for any queries
as well as regular updates and meetings.

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    • Great Service. I am very pleased with the service that I have received from HE Global. They matched the best investment for me via a consultation and we are very pleased with their recommendations and after service. Thanks.

      Nicola Emmett

      HE Global are very thorough and knowledgeable. We have now bought 2 car parking spaces in Gatwick thanks to their introduction and everything seems to be going very well.

      Chris Dalziel

    • It was the perfect flexible investment I had wanted and seeing a good healthy return for my hard-earned money. HE Global made it easy for me and also good after support so you know where you are.

      Jay Rutherford

      What attracted me to their business is their good customer service that is always a good thing! Happy to recommend HE.

      Simon Fisher

    • I got superb service and an even better return on my investment. Everything was customer friendly and professional. I’m very impressed. Overall excellent!

      Samantha Lewis

      I fully recommend HE Global Investments. The service was great and I’m so happy I chose to invest from their recommendations.

      Alex McHugh

    • I didn’t have such high expectations for this investment but it turns out (as crazy as it sounds) that investing in car parking spaces in airports is actually a good investment. Who would’ve known? Thanks HE Investments for the advice and recommendations.

      Emily Nottie

      After intense researching into where I should invest my money, I decided that parking was clearly a winner. The HE global Investments team sold me their service and I’m terribly happy that they did. I got a great return and am very happy with the staff at HE global investments.

      James White

    • Excellent service from knowledgeable advisors.

      Hilary Whittleworth

      Their customer service was fast, efficient and they answered all my questions very well. I would definitely recommend HE global Investments to anyone who is looking to increase their return.

      David Whitehouse